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Hot Leads


Like “Netflix” for Prospect Lists

Step #1 – Build Your Prospect List From Social Media Listening

You provide up to 3 social media groups (from Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn) where we will build your list from.

Step #2 – Flat Monthly Rate

We send highly engaging, content rich emails to the list for a flat monthly price. Say goodbye to list rentals where you pay for each email you send.

Step #3 – Opt-In Leads

As readers opt-in to read your content, we export them to you so you can nurture them as part of your house list, educating them about your products/services and getting them to buy.

  • You receive usage of our database, with a predefined number of emails per prospect, for one flat monthly rate.
  • Your content will be delivered through a dynamic content platform.
  • No long-term contracts. Start or stop anytime.
  • Databases are built by social media listening on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.
  • Your list is built from optin databases of Millions of emails.
  • “Hot” keyword listening allows you to get contact info and send instant emails when someone uses a certain phrase or keyword in a social media post.
  • Download the contact information of people who click on your offers, ads and links within your emails.
  • We will help you maximize your email campaigns.
  • All emails are opt-in and sent from our servers so you never have to worry about spam complaints.
  • We replenish your opt-outs (and opt-ins) so you’ve always got the same size database each month.

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