KG Venture Partners | Facebooks Big News Feed Changes for 2018 and What It Means for You
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Facebooks Big News Feed Changes for 2018 and What It Means for You

Facebooks Big News Feed Changes for 2018 and What It Means for You

Facebook is making big changes to the newsfeed showing preference to your friends and family. What does this mean? Less news (and fake news) and less ads. In my opinion you will also start seeing the price of advertising going up because of this change.

According to Fortune.

“Facebook has clearly put a stake in the ground that user experience is more important than the brands that pay them,” HubSpot’s senior product marketing manager Marcus Andrews said in a statement. “By making this shift they clearly prioritized one over the other, and are potentially a bit nervous about the current (really negative) narrative about the negative impact of social media on society.”

Businesses may actually end up buying more online ads on Facebook to promote themselves, because simply creating content and attempting to share it on the news feed for free will no longer work as well as it once did. “That definitely is a potential consequence” Wiseler said.

Another video explaining the changes…

After reviewing a tremendous amount of content from experts all over these are my conclusions.

  1. Facebook is a business and the bottom line is they need to make revenues. Result: it’s going to be pay to play on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Advertising cost are going to rise this year because of this competition for land space Facebook has now created.
  3. Content posting is no longer going to keep you at the top if your followers are not regularly consuming, whether you are posting or auto-posting.

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Author: David Kraus

David Kraus is a serial entrepreneur and the Managing Member and co-founder of KG Venture Partners, LLC a digital agency specializing in Hot Lead Generation through multi-media email and listening systems. David is also a public speaker, investor, author and marketing consultant.

  • Mark Gould
    Posted at 14:53h, 15 January Reply

    Going back in time before Facebook became a massive platform for advertisers and everyone and anyone with a fanpage were using it to get more leads through either automated posting bots or spending lots of money to create actual content to get onto the news feed of potential customers (Guilty as charged) Facebook was primarily a social media platform for sharing your friends and families photos, comments, and life events. Over the years that changed into the previous where targeted promoted posts from outside sources, paid advertises became the norm on your news feed and so it was desirable to post as much and as often as you could to your fan page or spend as much as possible on ads and promoted posts to gain as much exposure. So now Facebook is taking a complete 180 you might ask how does Facebook continue to make money for their shareholders and the company since they are defiantly not an altruistic not for profit venture? I agree with David, you can expect advertising cost to go up, Way Up! There is no other option for them to stay profitable. And so where does that leave you if you have also used Facebook as a primary means of attracting new viewers and recurrent exposure to you current base? Einstein said that the definition of insanity was repeating the same actions while expecting different results. It’s time to do something different, something that works and something that is not going to be a giant black hole to your budget and time which is why my company will be switching gears and looking at new solutions to getting leads and maintaining our customer base and doing it in the most resource efficient manner as possible. It’s not Facebook but I think David has an excellent answer to this new problem.

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