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Hot Leads Product Tour

Hot Leads Product Tour

Overview: We have combined a sophisticated content marketing methodology with hyper-targeted databases and an email delivery service to accelerate companies prospect list building efforts.

Building Your Lists

building your list overview

Content Marketing & Analysis

Content Marketing Email Campaigns

We design your content marketing emails to get readers to engage with your communications for the long-term, giving you  a steady flow of prospects and leads.

email template

Ads “Sandwiched” Within Content

Interesting content draws in your prospects, then at the optimum time when they’re in a heightened  state of interest, you present them with a Call-to-Action for your products.


Campaign Statistics

We will supply you with statistics on how all of your campaigns are performing. The results are all completely transparent so you can see what’s working and what’s not, and keep making improvements for optimal performance over time.

Email Analytics

You’ll be able to drill down into the analytics of each individual communication to help you and your account manager understand what works best with your audience.

Built-in email sending software automatically monitors and adjusts the sending for optimal inbox deliver-ability.

email performance graphs
viewing your contacts

Viewing Your Contacts

At any time your account manager can show you the contact data and performance details of any record within your database.

export list

Export Lists

Whenever a reader opts-in to your offer (or an advertiser’s) we will provide you a contact export list to make it part of your in-house list.

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