KG Venture Partners | Why 95% of Fortune 500 Brands Market Share Has Declined
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Why 95% of Fortune 500 Brands Market Share Has Declined

Why 95% of Fortune 500 Brands Market Share Has Declined

Watch Gary Vaynerchuk (Known as Gary Vee) explain how you can snatch away market share from the Fortune 500. The fortune 500 spends over $80 Billion per year on 30 second commercials but their sales are declining. The reason their sales are declining is because every time there is a commercial everyone grabs their phone to look at updates and Facebook.

Eventually they will figure out they have to transfer those funds over to Facebook ads. The good news is there is still time. If you aren’t running Facebook ads, you should be. Grab your share of this market while the Corporate America is still in the dark.

Dave’s Opinion: KG Venture Partners acquires over 80% of its clients through social media marketing and advertising. The remainder of our business comes through referrals. Gary’s explanation of how the Fortune 500 has lost touch with the habits of people is astounding. You can’t go anywhere anymore that you don’t see the majority of people on their phone looking at Facebook, Youtube and Text.  But corporate America keeps pouring a large portion of their advertising budgets into 30 second television commercials. This video is on target and hopefully pushes you to at least look into how social media marketing and advertising can take advantage of this imbalance before it becomes too late.

If you want to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity, contact us now or call 800-210-2892.

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Author: David Kraus

David Kraus is a serial entrepreneur and the Managing Member and co-founder of KG Venture Partners, LLC a digital agency specializing in Hot Lead Generation through multi-media email and listening systems. David is also a public speaker, investor, author and marketing consultant.

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