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KGVP Predictions 2018 and Beyond

5 Blockchain Predictions

  1. More uses outside of finance – any industry or organization in which recording and oversight of transactions is necessary could benefit. Step by Step guide to Blockchain.
  2. New business processes will be created for the Internet – technologies are being researched to work together to improve business processes, and day-to-day life.
  3. Smart contracts will come into their own – contracts will execute automatically when conditions are filled, meaning payments will be made, or deliveries dispatched, or anything else in business which is typically defined by a contract.
  4. A large number of blockchain initiatives will fail – organizations rushing in without clear expectations of what they want to achieve is likely to be a costly waste of time.
  5. Cryptocurrency – is in its infancy and will continue to grow at 2 and 3 digit rates. My experience so far with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Check out Dave’s personal predictions.

2 End of Net Neutrality

  1. Internet speeds as we know them will slow-down while higher-speeds will be available at premium pricing. Learn about Net Neutrality here.
  2. Our information will be shared at the Internet Service Provider levels.

5 Web Development Predictions

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Impacts not only the EU but will impact all USA websites that do business outside the United States.
  2. HTTPS – Google will give prescendence to websites using HTTPS. HTTPS using will grow to 80% of all websites, current using is 50% of all websites.
  3. AI – Artificial Intellegence frameworks and libraries for smallwer websites delivering more behavior driven websites.
  4. Real-time Notifications – according to the visitors behavior going between devices.
  5. Web VR – Virtual Reality and Advertising More user friendly and driver gimmicks to real world use.

4 Hot Internet Marketing Predictions

  1. Content that appeals to each user’s uniqueness.
  2. Influencers will reign supreme.
  3. Smart content is intelligently personalized to your visitors needs.
  4. Be Ready for Micro-moments.
A micro-moment takes place when a user reaches for his/her mobile device to research something in a matter of seconds, such as a film session, where to find the nearest decent coffee or the timing of the next bus. Micro-moments don't involve extensive searching; so, a business owner has only a limited amount of time to capitalize on them.

9 Social Media Predictions

  1. Rise of augmented reality – brands will project their products into the homes of social media users through special filters.
  2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories – a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours creating a sense of urgency.
  3. Continued investment in influencer marketing – more brands will embrace influencer marketing as a way to connect with audiences who tend to ignore traditional strategies.
  4. More focus on Generation Z – Brands will begin to recognize this, and will shift their social media strategies toward the 22 year old market.
  5. Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms – Artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots will enable brands to offer personalized shopping experiences on messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik.
  6. Expansion of live streaming – more brands will begin to realize the power of live streaming, and will incorporate it into their monthly content plans.
  7. Rethinking of Twitter – Twitter leadership will aim to rethink how the platform operates.
  8. Digital hangouts go mainstream (Houseparty) – Facebook will announce a similar product to Houseparty that will win over users, just as Instagram’s introduction of Stories did.
  9. Facebook Spaces goes mainstream – Facebook is poised to scale Spaces in 2018. When they do, it is likely that it will be the first successful VR social media product at scale.

6 Email Marketing Predictions

  1. The marketing funnel as we know it is dead. Unlike the traditional funnel, in the new marketing funnel, leads can enter at any stage.
  2. Email targeting will become turbo charged. Automated emails will increase and will create more tailored email experiences.
  3. The journey to 1:1 personalization is on. Email personalization will start shifting heavily towards ‘what’s next’ instead of ‘what was.’
  4. Marketers will own the multi-channel experience like never before. Marketers will begin to fully tackle the customer lifecycle, first with email marketing and then with other channels such as paid, social, direct mail and on-site personalization.
  5. Predictive marketing metrics will become coveted by marketers. Machine learning and AI will predict individual and group customer lifetime value – this is called Predictive CLV.
  6. A new type of combined email marketing automation is rising. Expect high-value platforms and sophistication at a more accessible price than we have seen.
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